Buzz Aldrin : The second man to walk on the moon.

In the bollywood movie "3 Idiots", Virus(Veeru Sahastrabuddhi) asks the class who the second man to land on the moon was. On not getting any answers, he continues by telling them not to worry and it is not important. Au Contraire, to me, this felt like an important relevation. We are always taught never think of coming second, Only focus on the first position. For crying out loud it was not a freaking race. "Buzz Aldrin" the Second Man on the moon took all the risks the first man "Neil Armstrong" did, flew on the same craft, took the same training and made it to the moon!! Under such circumstances, the only thing that made them decide on the sequence of landing was the protocol. Neil Armstrong pulled rank on Buzz Aldrin and got to be the First Man on the Moon. Such a joke that Buzz Aldrin has to bear for his life and even after that. For the record, majority of the photographs which you may have seen of the first moon landings, other than the first step one, on newspapers is of Buzz Aldrin.(below).

Buzz Aldrin is an US Air force pilot who has a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Mechanical Engineering and also proposed the concept of Aldrin Cycler related to Space Sciences. This post is dedicated to the second Man to walk on the moon. A big salute to you Sir. :)

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- Krish


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