Hunger for Acceptance

Friends, i just realized a major thing. Im not really sure how to put this, so il just keep going. I was wondering why as time goes on, we are unable to keep up with old friends and somehow dont feel so emotionally attached as previously felt when together. On asking one of my friends, he replied "Priorities change, dude. Happens to every one of us". Thanks to the Knowledge Transfer, my thought process continues to come to this conclusion - "We are hungry for acceptance and appreciation. Each one of us. When we find acceptance at, say, college - We have made friends for life (Dialogues). When we make new friends after college at work place - We have made friends for life (Dialogues). When a person gets married and gets acceptance from mate in every way - Friends are remembered once in a while or when you have need for it (Purely Hypothetical ;)). Please note that i have not included acceptance by family, because you will always be accepted by family no matter what." What do you think friends??


  1. True one dude...its in everone's mind n heart..its like stages in life...we do have lots of friends in school,college and also @ work place...but we dont know where they are after few years but they are always remembered...thanks for making me remember my old friends ... :)

  2. very true... your observation is perfect. Though we always remember them we are not in touch. Thanks to networking sites that most of my old friends are in contact again.

  3. @krish the mind is a constantly changing. at time passes by it changes, is bent, forgred, hammered, alters into a different state. @ this time, we are concerned only with this change. note, not the entirety, just the change. whoever's mind is changing thus, will be our friend ( at the time ). life moves on, changes happen, friends change. simple. family is bonded by subconscious. that connection does not, will not obey these laws.

  4. Shant true...! Ammi kasa melyaachi ve.. from college to work..!! We were , are and will remain friends for life (NOT a dialogue)

  5. @all Thank u all for the comments and ur insights... :)

    @vaishakh... definitely re.... i did not tell it in our case.. in general... with all human attachments... :)

  6. After spending 49 summers on planet earth, I feel that the friends we make from birth till we start working are what we can call as friends. Once we start working, we have "friendly colleagues" and "acuaintances" whom we mistake for friends.

    The term friend should be used very carefully.

    Once we know who are friends, the rest of the problems get solved.

    We have no choice to select relatives, but certainly can select our friends.


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