Living the Moment with Dhanush !!

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I have always found solace in the quote "Live to Drive". Its no coincidence to me that the tagline of Ritz "Live the Moment " is almost similar to my favorite driving quote. So i like to say now that "I live the moment to drive the Ritz". I d like to share the most memorable moment i ve lived with The Dhanush (aka Krish's Ritz - named thus because it rockets and gives flight to me and my senses everytime i live the moment.). It was in May 2010, and The Dhanush was travelling along with my mother and me to Kuduremukha at night time via the Karnataka State Highway 66. This road is not used by many people at night since it traverses itself through the Kuduremukha National Park, the cradle of Western Ghats, where Mother nature and her other children(wildlife, Insecta, etc.) live in abundance. The most memorable moment was at a point where i just exit the valley section of the roads and enter a section of stright road with an awesome view of the sky and the trees at the extreme end of my peripheral vision. Note that this road has no streetlights whatsoever, and the only lighting available was natural night light and my Dhanush's Headlights. Moreover, the entire area had lots of glow-worms buzzing all over. This has been the most amazing sight that i have ever been able to experience in my life uptil now. To savor the moment even more  i slowed down a bit and turned the lighting down to the fog lights. Such a sight i could not have even imagined. The semi darkness right in front of us, the natural darkness of a perfect night surrounding us, the stars winking away like they always do, and the glow worms everywhere. In the background, was The Dhanush's gentle engine sounds that gave the moment an almost hypnotic effect. I guess I was Living the moment to the fullest. Proud to have shared it with my Mother and The Dhanush.

In the picture(Jan 2011) is The Dhanush sporting her brand new alloys with myself Living the moment behind the wheel.

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  1. hey u explained it all so well ..:)superlike..waiting for more of your works this way.. keep going :)


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