Musings about History and Destiny

History. That is a long time friends. Or is it?? The simplest definition of History goes like this - "The winning Side's story". That is what it is. Quite literally His-Story. “Him” here being the winner. But history is not always about winning, in the literal sense of the word. Brightest example in recent history is Shaheed Bhagat Singh whose objective it was to die in service to Mother India. February 14th was the death anniversary of this great individual. Shaheed Bhagat and his comrades died to win forever. Thruout history we have the ironic capbility of observing that it has always been the force of one human over another human that has caused either one of them to erupt in magnificient success that makes the world remember them even in death. If Ravana had not been the root of evil, Lord Rama would not have taken birth on earth to kill him, be the personification of pefectness and inspire scores of individuals. If the Persians had not tried to run over Sparta and rest of Greece, Leonidas would have been unheard of. If Jesus Christ was not betrayed and murdered torturously, he would not have lived on to inspire millions of people. In other words, it is destiny that causes history to be shaped and moulded into something that causes us to stop and wonder, What If?? If the same concept were to be applied to our normal life, what do you think would it result in feelings of?? Can we make history?? Did Leonidas ever wonder he could achieve such immense glory where he would be talked about or idolized about 2500 years after his death. Within each of us lies amazing levels of power that enables us to create history. We all come equipped with the Ammo, what is important to create history is who or what equips us with the gun to use the ammo. Perspective on any every day event is what matters most.


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  1. Nice One...looks like reading Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code, Ashok Banker's Ramayana and watching the movie 300 has really made a great impression on you!!!


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