A new Beginning !!

Hello all. J
It seems like all newspapers now have a separate department in their organization - “Scam News Management Department”. Everyday’s newspaper carries news about new scams unearthed or corruption exposed or Income tax evasion. It is a sad thing to note the following – “Entering search strings ‘scam India’ @ google returns about 6,23,00,000(6 crores and 23 lakhs) result pages.” Will this ever change?? Will the state of government officials not caring or being in a state of stagnation change?? This has been a question that has been playing on my mind and I think it does on my reader’s mind as well. It was a pleasant surprise today when I discovered the answer to the above question. I’m really proud of the way the government officials are taking stock of the situation by taking the bull by the horns. I had to go to the Regional Transport Office @ Mangalore today to take care of some work related to my family vehicle. Previously when I’d been there for my driver’s license, all I could see was staff coming in at their leisure, not giving crap to what others think, agents lurking all around as if they were the Transport Officer himself.  Today it was a different scenario. I went in sharp at 10 am and was not really sure about how to go ahead with work at hand when two or three staff members approached me. One of them asked me if I needed any help and went on to tell the exact procedure on how I could get the job done. New laws are at work stating that no agents are allowed inside near officials and queue for payments. This is a new beginning. The beginning of change. So, I’m hopeful that things will get better. J

PS: "Just before the dawn, the night is at its darkest". Applying the same to current affairs - All the scams and corruption being uncovered are real dark. A new dawn is coming. :)


  1. yay!!!!! :-)
    seriously dude. it was high time this happened. though i must say, agents do have their uses. specially when we are strapped for time

  2. I do agree with you Krish, times have been rocky for India as a nation, but I too feel that there is another way to look at this whole story. Over the past decade what has changed is degree of importance of Indian markets to the World, but what has not changed is the role of corruption within Indian markets. It has not only become a part but also established itself into Indian structure whether it is a public or a private sector organization. I feel that this time is as good as any for this slow poison to be sucked out this body. Yes this process is not going to be easy, it will cast many fundamental questions, it will rock the system, it will slow down India’s growth, Indian economy will suffer few big blows, but this cleansing is important and will benefit us in the long run. Until now it was like running a car with one flat tire, and not understanding why we can’t go any faster. Remember the chain is only as strong as its weakest link, with corruption out of the way we will be stronger. What we can do, and probably what we must do is be a part of this change, help India to come back to its former glory and beyond.

  3. Hey Krish, thanks for reporting on your positive experience. As Indians, we do need to know about rarest of rare incidents like this one, so we can wait, full of hope, for the coming "dawn"!!

  4. Certainly Hoping to enter into a new era where its unlike the Current Situation of the nation... Definitely It is gonna cost long tym but its worth the wait for a peaceful and Prosperous India!! And Being the Citizens it is our duty to contribute towards it.


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