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Back again to expand my online presence. One week has passed since my last post. A week which has seen amazing highs for India as the power(Cricket included!) and extreme lows for Japan due to the Tsunami/Earthquake disaster(God give them strength to recover & get over that.). Its been a good week for me personally. And my mind has been churning out thoughts on what new post to come up with so the I may keep my reader base as well as expand it. Following is a snap-shot of the never-ending brainstorm.

Corruption - A blessing in disguise?
Now before you all jump to your own conclusions, STOP!! Hear me out. Not that i am FOR corruption or anything but Lets play a small game. You are in a fix. A small traffic issue where u do not have a certain document. The authority who has got you is ready for an off the record settlement(read Bribe.) Would you or would you not pay him/her to get out of it and avoid getting into bigger trouble?? Honestly think about what u would do. Majority of us would go for off-record settlement. This is an example of corruption my friends. There is nothing wrong with it. It is natural human tendency to cut the problem at the roots.  It would take a human of extraordinary will power to pay for his/her mistakes BIG-time when he/she is caught in a similar situation.

Now consider this. Downloading Music/ Movies off the net? Piracy in the basic sense. Do you or do you not?   A moral dilemma right?? Its so easy to succumb to the temptations of free things, and succumb we do. We download everything for free off the net - Audio, Games, Movies, Software, Etc, Etc. (I have to say I love it.    :) ). If you were, say, in America, u download a music track(or any copyright material for that matter) , and authorities would beat down your home doors to charge you with piracy. The amount of laws enforced gives them the right to charge you as a criminal. How come such laws are not enforced in India? I mean, if we really wanted to fight piracy we would be enforcing such laws that made it an offense no?? Is this not an example of corruption within our ranks?? Such laws have not been passed and i do not know if they have been purposefully avoided. You may say that, it is due to enormous number of user base in India that tracking them would seem highly impossible. Thats BULL-CRAP. If the government wants to enforce something, they damn-well can and they will.  All I know is, Us the consumers, enjoy the benefits of this form of corruption.

So my question to you, dear reader, is this. Is getting stuff for free on the internet not a fruit of corruption that we enjoy so much?? 

So are we really fighting Corruption??

Disclaimer - The author wishes to inform you that he will bear no responsibility if a government official comes across this blog post and tries and passes laws that will make downloading stuff for free, Illegal. Please do not blame or hurt the author in such a case. He will be busy kicking himself for having thought of writing this post.

After-thought - Dear all, i am diversifying. Please find the links to my travel blog under my profile photo. Cheers. :) Please leave a comment with your thoughts.


  1. Interesting observations Krish.

    Practically close to 100% of India operates on pirated operating systems, footpaths are selling pirated movie and audio CDs at 50 bucks and how do we deny there is no corruption. Every urban Indian is corrupt in this sense.

    Secondly during my two decades of experience in corporates handling administration work (read, "dealing" with governement officers) I came across two categories: - "Speed Money" and "Obstruction Money"... Speed Money is the bribe we give to get our papers cleared faster. Obstruction money is the money we pay so that the "strict" officers says that all papers in the file are in order. The bribe is not always in cash but sometimes in kind (gift coupons or a bottle of expensive whisky).

    We can not deny and avoid the existence of corruption. It is part of systems.

    Only thing to reduce it seems to be stop accepting gifts and cash as favour of work done.

  2. Nice post.
    But Corruption will never end. until v try to put an "." on it

    The question is when will the time come?

  3. Good one..:) u just wrote what was in my mind.. Corruption will never end in India. Every citizen in India is bound with corruption in one way or other.

  4. Hey Krish,

    This is actually a fact! :) .. Nice blog indeed!... Enjoyed reading it!


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