Testing 1, 2, 3...

Hello World !!. :)
How have you all been..?? Im great.  Having a great weekend…:) and I hope u are having a good one as well..
Today there was a program at Nehru maidan , Mangalore titled Rayaratha, to commemorate 500 years of the rise and fall of the Vjayanagara kingdom. Organized by the Karnataka tourism department and local municipal officials, this program was using the power of humans voices and a spectacular light show on a constructed set to showcase the times of Vijayanagara. It so happened that my family and I reached there on time to listen to “Mic testing 1,2,3….”… and the light bulb glew… :D

My immediate thought was “dude – everything begins with testing”..
Don’t believe  me??
The waterfall of ideas continue… 
This is how I voice it…

Buying a new vehicle?? – Im sure you will go for a TEST ride/TEST drive…
You cook?? You will TEST it on yourself before u take it near your loved ones…  :D
Getting a new cell-phone… everyone  tries out the demo sets. TESTING
Buying any new electronic items?? One word – Demo TESTING
Buying Jewellery??  Trying it out on yourself ?? TESTING
Trying a new flavor of Ice-Cream for the first time?? TESTING
Met someone at a function and trying to have a conversation..??  TESTING a relationship.
At a marriageable age?? Arranged marriage?? Meeting guys/girls??  TESTING(single meaning only)
Looking for furniture for your home, you will TEST the comfort of any given piece.
Ever tried out different cloth items at a clothing store?? Trial rooms?? – TESTING
Got a new hairstyle?? – well that’s experimenting but it’s a variation of TESTING :)
The armed forces looking for new equipment?? - TESTING
Trying out new pair of shoes before you buy them?? - TESTING
Eating a small piece of fruit/sweet at market before taking home some?? - TESTING

Well, the list goes on…
By the way, the Punch line!!

I’m Proud to be a Software Testing Professional !! Due to whom software everywhere need not be tried for performance & functionality by the user, but will be tested for him/her by professionals like me. :)

PS: The light show really was spectacular… light and sound effects were really great.. :) Good to see such good things are happening in good old Mangalore... :)

PPS : I'm celebrating a milestone with this post... close to 1000 page views... :) Thank you dear friends for making this possible...


  1. So from today do we have to call you T.Krishnanand Kamath

  2. Nice one...Really happy you took such swift action on posting about something that fascinated you at 7.30PM yesterday...And the post itself really hits a spot. Life would not be so great without testing - literally in everything, as you pointed out.

  3. Interesting post Mr.Tester:) Good one!!!

  4. U are right Krish... Every activity start with testing... So Proud to be in Software Testing Professional :)

  5. @ adi... :) jai dude... partners in crime... :)

    @akka & chumma... Thank u.. :) for all your support and appreciation..

    @SK... :) very true... :) as i say to adi... we are partners in crime... :)

    @ abhay bhavaji - I quite like the idea of that... :) u crack me up bhavaji.. :) your comments always hit the spot... right on...:)


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