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After maintaining Silence on the blog waves for quite some time, Im back. :) This time with an observation about us Indians. It all started when an Indian newspaper article called in a so called expert to share his views on the recent political turmoil and trouble at Libya. America, as usual, is again in the midst of clashes because crude oil is  involved, and they will kill their own people for it. Anyways, getting back to the topic, this "expert" ranted on about his views and he referred to the Arab region as Middle East, no wonder following the general trend.

A question.

An Indian referring to the Arab region as "The Middle East"??

Confused as to what my point is?? Let me explain. Libya is situated west of India and yet the majority of Indians and newspapers based in India refer to it as Middle east. This to me makes no sense whatsoever. I mean, most of us have definitely been on Auto-pilot(nice way of telling we had switched our brain off). The explanation to how this happened?? Simple. The Americans. Arab Countries is Middle east to them literally. For the record the whole world refers to the Arab countries as the Middle east. And that ,my readers, is where we fit in. We talk of making India a super-power when we follow what our "American Friend's " use in their vocabulary. This was only a small example of how we simply follow the leader(even if it is a war-hungry neanderthal). How can we change this?? By changing ourselves. The only way to become a super-power is by becoming self-reliable and by thinking from a nation-centric perspective. Think India. Think Indian. The world matters, Friends are important, maintaining good relations is very much necessary, but not at the cost of being stupid.

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