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Hi Everyone. Back after a long time. I had been to Chikkamagalur last weekend and did not get to be with my PC long enough to type something that i could share with my dear readers.

This post however is not about some topic, but a person. I come across various kind of people daily. Some who teach me certain lessons in a bad way, others who teach me lessons by living it themselves. I will of course be talking about a person who belong to the latter category. A person who has for the past 7 months guided me at work, taught me lessons in discipline, and will always be a great friend and an inspiration.

My Team Leader "Arun P Lobo".

Arun started working at Invenger in the year 2006 and reportedly has been one of the most prized assets of the Company. A Strict disciplinarian when work demands it, he is also a very cool friend when all work was done in time. With his ready wit and evergreen charm, he can make anyone feel at ease. He is cool, fun-loving and a perfect balance between work and fun, which makes him an amazing Combo. He is the person who demands respect and loyalty by his actions and the way he treats his team-mates and work.

Our Department manager once admitted to us that he had always sent freshers who he thought were difficult to handle to Arun's Team. According to him, Arun was a leader who could take care of situations that would seem difficult to others. Tuesday, April 5th was Arun's last working day at Invenger.  He is leaving to attain greater and better heights in his career as well as personal life. We had the chance of listening to one of the most amazing farewell speeches ever given by our department manager that day. Sampath started by telling all of us the projects Arun has worked on, and went to speak fondly about Arun's times at Invenger. All other employees went on to speak about their experiences with Arun. One mentioned that we would be losing the captain of the Football team. Other about losing the volleyball team member. Which goes to show that Arun is a jack who is a master of all games as well as work. His friends from other departments as well as our own department paid him visits together to wish him luck and give him a parting gift. His previous team members were very emotional throughout the day, I later heard.

Us as a team did not comprehend the true meaning of everything until the time actually came for Arun to leave. Arun had got us all presents that we can keep on our desks with quotes on wishes and hard work. He also called Sudeer(New TL) & Satya(Co-TL) over and told us all to co-operate with them and work well. Our Team, which for the past few days has never been serious, except during work, was Super Silent. Arun himself must have felt really emotional, for he was leaving the place where he had begun his career. We were all lost. When the time finally came Payal, Divya and Vaishli had wet eyes. Adarsha was silent and un-smiling which is his style of being sad. Shrinidhi was super silent and looking at his desktop background and was randomly clicking folders and closing them. I was noticing all this silently, waiting for the inevitable. Arun himself had red eyes when he was packing his books and stuff into a Plastic bag. This was the most emotional thing i saw that day-Arun clearing his desk. Sampath came over to our bay and everyone could see that he himself was feeling pretty sad too. Arun wished us all again, gave his steel ruler to Payal, and left. We all followed him all the way two floors down, saw him get his bike out of parking, start it, wished him again and bid our good-byes, and finally he completed his tenure at Invenger. We all simply followed each other back to our bay, with the manager comforting us with his presence.That was that.

Arun, we will miss you more than you realize. But, we would want nothing more than the best things in life to be yours. Wishing that God blesses you with Happiness, Success, Peace and Contentment, I take this opportunity to thank you again for all your guidance and lessons for life. 


  1. Good One Krish!! It's great to read your thoughts about someone who has affected you so deeply and helped you to grow into a better person..

  2. Hey Krish,this is the best written blog by you as all of us can relate ourselves to this.
    We have already been missing his absence.
    Arun your the bestest TL:-)
    We are glad to have started our professional life with you as our TL.

  3. Maga...Cyber alli koogistiya?? huh.. :P
    Will miss all of you soo much..Already have been missing!And, Thanks for such wonderful words written though I'm really not worth it. God Bless you all..Enjoy... :)

  4. @ Arun : Cyber alli koogidre enu paravagilla... :P
    Miss u guru soooooo much... U was the main source of inspiration to crack jokes when there was a dull moment in office.. We r feeling u r absence now.. Nothing much words will come except "ALL THE BEST.." Be Happy wherever you are... :)

    @ Krish : Simply Krish the blog content is Simply Cool. The words of the blog flow with sweet memories which we can cherish by reading again and again... Thanks a lot..


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