What if?? 1. Spider-man

Its a strange world that we live in. Everything that we encounter in our daily lives, we counter by saying what if?? . What if it was this way and not as it is.?. I was bitten by the same spider. oops.. i meant same bug today when i thought about a superhero story and thought what if it was this way? By now u must have understood which superhero i am talking about, especially after the last typo. Guessed it? Yeah correct. Spider-man it is. We all know the story(I presume). I mean after Star movies having played it once every two weeks, we all know the scene by scene playback of the movie. Still, for the sake of increasing the content of this blog post (Yeah!! Im shameless enough to admit that. ) and for your, my reader, 's sake i will tell the story. Peter Parker and his class is on a field trip to a science lab where they have combined spiders and made some more spiders. Peter gets engrossed in taking pictures of his virtual girlfriend/crush/whatever and gets bitten by one of those super-spiders. He gets Ill, but his body's amazing metabolism turns around the shitty poison to his benefit and he becomes Spider-man. He can shoot web out of his wrists. To falter away from the topic, that was a bit convenient don't you think.?? A real spider shoots web from the rear-side.(Yeah !! From its ass.). What if the same had happened to Peter Parker...?? :) Imagine Peter Parker's costume with a hole on its backside from where the web... Oh well. Life, thankfully is convenient. But still, What if... ???

If you think this post is Crap, Join the club. Cheers. :)


  1. Sorry...for a very late response..replying in november for a post written in June!!!

    Can I ask the inspiration behind this post? Must have been the irritation caused by the repeated re-runs of the movie. Anyway its always healthy to express your feelings...But I could have done without the image of S-man with a hole in his costume...So no thanks to you for putting that in my head!


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