Ride / Drive safely

- Safety gear is a must - Minimum of Helmet when riding, safety belts when driving.

- Do not be a snake on the road. Respect the rules of the lane, even if others are not following it.

- Absolutely no talking on the phone when riding/Driving. Irrespective of whether you have handsfree or not, stop the vehicle after taking due precaution to see that you do not mess the lane discipline. Its is okay if you miss the call.. Call them back.

- Respect the rules of the road. Even if you are the lone user of the road in the middle of the night , in the middle of nowhere, have the self respect and discipline to follow the rules.

- Maintain the discipline to drive/ride under safe speeds. The Public Roads are not for racing. Hit the track or a closed road circuit for that.

Please Drive Safe, Ride safe. Think of your loved ones back home before you attempt something stupid on the public roads without the appropriate safety gear.

Respect your own life and of other users of the road.

Imagine if each of us were to ride with the discipline that befits us, what would the roads be like.. Magical.. :-)

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