Confidence is the Key

There are some movies that make you sit back, relax you, engage you and manage to make you feel like a part of it. You feel as if the movie was made for you; As a solution to problems being faced by you. Movies that provide entertainment and then goes the extra step of making you think there was a deeper message which was there all the time trying to provide more deeper answers than you had thought of. I cannot begin to imagine how they make such movies. or is it the movies?

Let me explain. I saw this one movie a couple years back. It was a comedy flick of Adam Sandler's called the Anger Management. In this movie Mr. Sandler suffers from a childhood trauma of being Shorts-less in the public and has become introverted and allows people to walk all over him.
He becomes very conscious in the public and does not even feel like hugging his girlfriend in non-private situations due to his phobia. Along comes a character called Dr.Buddy who is kind of a Shrink/Anger Therapist combo and he manages to cure Mr.Sandler of his phobia by making him experience extreme and match-fixed situations. Overall the movie is an avid entertainer, and the messages go deeper than one can imagine.

Today, on a trip down random thoughts, one scene from the movie kept flashing in front of my eyes. And suddenly i realize that it is trying to tell me something that will help me with a current situation being faced.

Was it the movie, or was it simply my mind acting by instinct and trying to provide examples to make me trust in the idea?

I believe it is the mind which consciously or subconsciously keeps track of every thing that we ever experience or see or come across and plays it back to us when in dire need of supportive suggestions or plan of action.

Awesomeness, i tell you.

The Message from the movie - "Confidence is the key to winning a young woman's Heart" ;)

The awesome scene that kept flashing - (one of the best scenes from the movie)


  1. Interesting...Such profound realization and that too on a sentence like "Confidence is the key to winning a young woman's heart".. Do share with me the situation you are currently facing!! :-p

  2. I knew i was asking for trouble.. :-P.. Thankfully, i was focusing more on the "Confidence is the key to winning" part and not with reference to "A young woman's heart".. Will definitely update if the situation upgrades.. ;-)


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