The Kindle Experience

For the better part of past week, i have been a proud borrower of a technological wonder called the Kindle. For the un-initiated "The Kindle" is an e-reader or an e-book reader produced by 

The Amazon Kindle is a series of e-book readers produced by Amazon Kindle enable users to shop for, download, browse, and read e-books, newspapers, magazines, blogs, and other digital media via wireless networking.
 My dear friend and fellow blogger, Trshant Bhat, let me borrow his post-graduation gift for some time to experience what the Kindle is all about. The device that Trshant owns is a Fourth Generation Kindle. The previous versions have featured a keyboard, whereas this version comes with a virtual on-screen keyboard.

If you have read this far, you may be wondering what is so special about this device and why i mention it as a "technological wonder". After all, any basic smartphone out there could allow you to read a PDF or newspaper or any written material for that matter. Well, people who have tried to read an entire e- book on a PC, tablet or a smartphone will know how very "comfortable" that can get. I have done that and was scared for the next few days that i would be required to get glasses soon due to the irritation  and focusing difficulty caused to the eyes over the next few days.

So when Trshant offered to let me borrow the Kindle, i said okay just to see what it would be like and not to read an entire book. However on getting introduced, i must say that i was mightily impressed. It is very easy to see why the Kindle has taken the US market by storm and why it is so popular. Not only is the device very light weight, it also has to be the closest possible thing to a real book that i have ever read from.

The strange observation that was made when Trshant showed me the device initially was the screen was not blank when the device was turned off ! It was displaying an idle screen with some mono-chromatic graphics. This is the technological wonder. The Display Screen !! It features a Technology called E ink, which in simple words is a graphical  rendering technology with ultra low power consumption features. This tech paints the screen with whatever is to be displayed once and turns the power supply to the screen off. The screen retains the print until the next time power is supplied again to change whatever is to be displayed. This device does not have a back-light and will not glow in the dark, and hence it is eye-friendly. The print even has the unique 'old-page' look that you would expect from a standard book. The device also features a Wifi chip on-board that makes connecting to the Kindle store easier. Of course, we 'online store un-savvy' folks have the option of using the USB cable to load e-books.

To feel the real difference of Kindle, i chose to read an e-book that i have already read in the Print form, Jeffery Archer's "Not a Penny More, Not a penny Less". To tell you the truth, it was a pleasant change from reading traditional form of books. Overall reading experience has been a quite comfortable. I have read while having my meals, while lying down. I want to try it next while travelling. Sunlight legibility is excellent and its quite amazing how very comfortable, portable and usable it is due to its light weight nature. On completing the book, The kindle even gave me the options of posting my recent read to a social network of my choice and also asked me to rate the book. At a point, i even considered getting a Kindle for myself. However, the prospect of spending 7000 Gandhi-ji s made me see differently.

If you are a tech-savvy dude/dudette, who loves reading and support piracy by downloading e-books, you , my friend, need to get acquainted with this device. It is the thing of the future.

PS - Thank You again for letting me experience The Kindle, Trs. Yeah i know i have to return it. :-) 


  1. Great review of the Kindle Krish:)You want one??

    1. Hey Chumma.. Thank you.. :) no re.. i dont think it l be very useful for me.. it l be just another gizmo for me... Il let you know though.. Thanks chum :)


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