Execution - Plan - Execute

Hiya Folks. Has 2012 been the fastest year ever or what! You could even call it a fly-by for its has literally gone by in an express format.

Anyhow, as the people at Power to the Rider say :  
"We are now in the year that we were not supposed to be seeing as per the Mayans." 
Funny Right !? :)

Happy New Year to you. May god bless you with Peace, Happiness, Health, Success and all things good and fun this year and the years to come. And Thank you for your return wishes :-) .

So, many of my friends have blogs of thier own where they have been listing down what they had planned and what they have achieved in the past year as well as what the plans for this year are. This has inspired me to list down some of my own achievements of the past year and plans for the new year so that i may keep track of my achievements of this year in an hopefully transparent way.

While the achievements for the past year are reasonably numbered, some of my personal favorites are as follows- 

1. Started and kept up a Jogging Routine at least 3 days a week. Improved Stamina to eventually run for at least 3 Kms on every run. At the beginning, i could not even run 1 lap of 400 Meters at the Stadium without panting for the next lap. However, practice did help to gain Breath Control and gain knowledge on how to minimize impact on joints by jogging more efficiently. I can honestly say that i have a favorite Sport now. :) For Running help, tips and motivation, I Love to Run and RunnersWorld are some of the best websites i came across.

2. Clocked over 7000 kilometers in a year on my pride and love, The Chill Pill(Suzuki GS150R). Majority of it was City commuting, but i have also toured and enjoyed the thrill of complete freedom, be it the early hours or the Midnight darkness. This has also enabled me to meet interesting people and learn a lot, one of which is how to Maneuver the vehicle around a corner efficiently and quickly.

However, there have been mistakes too, some personal, some Emotional and some more related to  Relations. All, which i hope to work on and improve this year. Taking that as a cue, my hopes and plans for this year are as follows - 

- Run the 10k event at the Mangalore Half marathon and later in the year run the Half Marathon at Mysore.
- Ride from Mangalore to Kanyakumari and back. Solo.
- Complete the Starter level ISTQB Certification exam. Successfully.
- Control Anger Issues. Value Family and Friends more. 
- Manage Money Efficiently.
- Believe in Self.

So, this will be my short and brief agenda for this year. Of course there will be many more, but these will be prime goals over the coming 365 days. 

Any Comments, suggestions, tips on how to achieve my goals are welcome, as always. :-)


  1. Bets of luck with Comin year agenda...

    Never knew u had a anger issues... hmmmm...

    Happy new year.. Wish you be a successful tester and nice biker in comin year...

    1. Thank You Buddy.. :) Best wishes to you too..

  2. Krish and anger issues? doesn't sound right. Very angry with ur gf eh? :D You should post a follow up post towards the year end or maybe half year mark to see where u stand. Cos my New year resolutions usually last a day or two. :P

    1. Heyy Bharath.. :) good to see your comment.. Everyone, we have a celebrity in the house. Fellow Awesome Blogger Bharath Kamath. :-) Visit him at http://bharathkamath.wordpress.com/ to experience his talent..

      Dude.. i will take your suggestion and post about how long i follow these steps buddy.. :) until now i used to make a personal note of my goals for the year which i managed to forget or ignore eventually just like how you said. This time I put it up on my blog so that my friends can keep me motivated to stay on track and follow them thru. And believe me, i am an Angry Man buddy. :-). GF? whats that dude.. nowhere as lucky as you.. :D Congratulations Bro.. And a very Happy new year to you. :)

      BTW.. __________--------\\\\\\\--____

    2. dude i am just a total NOOB when it comes to blogging. And yea, keep up the blogging. I enjoyed ur blogs about ur bike rides.. any new ones on that?

      And yea ------------///////////_______________

    3. Humble one too.. :) oh yeah.. coming soon dude.. i ve been lazy.. will work on that too.. :)

  3. The two great initiatives are wonderfully in contrast. Bikers hate to walk. It is heartening to note that you have taken to running. Keep running daily and you are guaranteed to have great health lifelong.

    Keep running....Keep Biking....Keep Blogging or should i say Keep Krishing :)

    1. Hello Bhavaji.. As always its an absolute delight to read your Witty and smart comments . :-) . Yeah, as per your suggestion, i intend to make running/jogging a daily habit.. incidentally it began as quest for fitness, but now additionally i am getting addicted to the 'high' that follows..

      Thank you for the appreciation and Motivation Bhavaji. :-) Means a lot.. Wish Akka, Pooja and U a great year ahead too.. :)


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