Religion, Viswaroopam and Hope

I set the alarm and wake up late every morning. Yet, I take a minute or two to reach for the newspaper once my senses are up and firing. And I immediately regret the act. Almost Every day!


The Newspaper is filled with Things that we hate the most. Bad news! Rapes rampant all over the country-terrorizing children as young as a couple years old, Soldiers beheaded, Reminders about which Religion’s definition of God is better, more bad news along the same lines with involvement by politicians and finally, the supreme Evil – Advertising/Commercialism. Looks like the days when Media and newspapers were supposed to Inspire us are a thing of the past.

The First evil, I do not know what to say about. Being Human is Over-rated.

The Last evil, I have nothing to say about except that we are all consumed by it beyond Salvage. It won’t be the end of us, It already is. We are already dead inside because of it. We believe that being able to afford an iPhone 5 is an indicator of how developed our state/country is. Owning expensive things is what we consider financial strength rather than sensibly buying as per requirement.

However, the evils in between the first and last has been on my mind for quite some time now. Majorly sparks caused by contact of stones. Recently one story along the same lines, caused the sparks to combine with fuel and progress into a full scale raging flame in all its glory.

Viswaroopam, a Tamil movie, has been in the news now for all the reasons that Mr. Kamal Haasan had not anticipated or even thought of in his wildest Dreams. Apparently, people of a certain religion are against the movie being shown in any of our theaters because it is offensive to them. Even going as far as hurling Petrol Bombs at theaters. Okay, I get it. You are angry. Complaint accepted.

Now, let us look at what the story of the Movie Viswaroopam is –

Mr. Kamal is an Indian Secret Agent whose religion happens to be (Insert said Religion here). He learns of a plot being planned by a certain Terrorist organization from Afghanistan (Guess the religion!) against US, and works in professional capacity to prevent that from happening and saving the day for the US of A.

Yeah. That’s it! So, What exactly is offensive? An Indian(insert said religion here) foiling a terrorist plot? 

Complete and absolute Jack-Shit at work.

On a completely related note, let me ask you, what does religion do to the society in general? Yeah all of them included. Even my own.

From a standard point of view and with reference to history, it is supposed to give us a common set of principles/Ethics/Morals to follow and adhere to so that we can function easily as a society. Like Grease in a mechanical device. Yet, I look at majority of things around and realize Religion is the Common “denominator”, literally.

Only thing we can do now is Hope. Hope that even Religion evolves for the better.

Go on then, Comment . Share your rant.


  1. Absolutely agree with you! Looking at the newspaper first thing in the morning has been the last on my to do list for quite some time. You will feel like getting back into bed and going back to sleep hoping that all that is happening around you is just a bad dream.

    However, the answer to what religion has done for each individual(me) is the only question which I can answer to a certain degree. Definitely don't want to fuel the fire by commenting on what religion has done for society in general. (though I have heard your argument earlier!)

    1. Hi Akka.. Reading the first part of your comment, We are thinking on the exact same frequency. Looks like everyone thinks along the same lines but still goes ahead and looks at Newspapers to update on current "events".

      Regarding the second part of your comment, that is exactly what i wanted someone to say and i agree very much with you. Religion helps a person to become better, no doubt about it, and the person should respect it and treat it a personal connection with the higher power. If the person(s) try imposing thier 'Connection' on others, the connection has no meaning. It becomes a dud-link.


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