Weekend 1 - Sponteez , Chicken and Bangalore

Weekend. Bangalore. Best Friends! Home made Chicken Ghee Roast. Full night party. Blasting Music. Android Disco-app flashing lights. 

Is there a better Combination of fantabulous things in life ?! Well, maybe the better place for a party would be Goa, but when with Best friends, the place does not matter, Right?

+vivek kamath(top), +Rakesh kamath C. (Right most), Nagaraj Shenoy (Center) and Myself back in Engineering Days at our favorite hangout, The Sultan batthery.

Thank you +Rakesh kamath C.  and +vivek kamath  for an awesome party and dish-lickin' good chicken ghee roast. Maharaja Chef needs to take training from you guys. :-) :-P and Of Course, Nagendra Nayak for the dance lessons. :-D

And meeting a dear friend and her Husband and spending time with them for an entire evening was like Cherry on top of an Ice-cream. Thank you +Vidya Shenoy and Nagendra Nayak  for the Special time. Its a delight to have spent time with you both. :-) 

The reason I went over to Bangalore in the first place is to visit a Friend/Colleague's Reception function. So, +supriya padival , i pray that God blesses you and Sujith a very Happy and prosperous married life. :-)

A Saturday Well Spent. First Saturday of the year, no less. I foresee great weekends ahead. :-)

And Sunday was no less. It began quite late at about 12, but more delicious chicken was in store. At Vivek's home, awesome and steaming Biriyani was served in large servings by his mother as soon as we entered. :-) magical i tell you. 

They have a new member, BTW. A pet. An Albino Rat(Lab rats) called Chinky who is nothing short of the most smartest Pet i have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Vivek's brother Karthik has himself made a home for 'Chinky' with a Shoe Stand with multiple levels. He's tied low-gauge metal nets around the stand and kept castle style pull down doors in the front. of the big enclosure. 

Karthik and 'Chinky' the Albino Rat

The reason i call Chinky smart is because she does not go shit/piss anywhere in the enclosure like our other pets which cannot be trained easily. She does the dirty only at one extreme corner of Enclosure. Karthik, who has observed this makes sure there is a Plate below to collect it all and cleans it regularly. How awesome and in-sync is that. ! :-)

Sunday Evening came and i met more friends from the Sponteez Family. The Spontee Story is something that i love dearly. Sponteez stands for Spontaneous. Its a feature which many of my friends share. The feature is with respect to our definition of Fun. Four friends of mine started a few years back for a drive to Malpe, i think. They felt like driving further and decided to go further to Murudeshwar. When they reached there, they felt like going further. Eventually they reached Goa and spent the weekend there. Now that is Spontaneous. So, that is how the term was coined. To be Sponti meant you are doing something very Spontaneously. Beware, its a very serious Offence to be asking Sponteez what the plan for an outing is.(I learnt that the hard way :-( ) 

Recently, Vivek got his own Car. Vivek and the newly married couple, Meghana and Prajwal, got together as they always do on Friday night to go chill out at a Cafe. They even talked Rakesh into bunking office and join them. Eventually on the way to the cafe, they realized that they were so tired of visiting the same cafe. They changed the plan and kept driving and reached Tirupati without even a change of Clothes at hand. They spent the weekend there. :D . Now that is extremely Spontee. :P

Even though i do not have it in me(yet) to be like that, i aspire to make my bones this year. :-).

Amazing Weekend. Thank You Friends. :-). Bye Bangalore, for now.


  1. A great way to start the new year i say :) .. amazing n much awaited weekend.. and as usual sure to have many more spontaneous trips in this year :) ... life is all about having fun :) n yup we all r in right path ....

  2. All set for it brother.. :-) waiting for the next get together.. Feb? pls do try.. :)

  3. That was a fun read...Wish we could be more sponti!!

    1. Thank You Akka.. :-) Never too late i guess..lets try and be more 'Sponti' from now on.. B-)


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