Weekend 3 - Laziness Ruined

Weekend ! One of the best experiences in life. And it comes in different flavors. Few spend it productively, Some get drunk, some other go shopping or hangout and the rest, like me, spend it ceremoniously being as lazy as possible. The sad thing is sometimes Lazy Days get ruined and you can no longer enjoy the small hints of laziness that still hangs in the air.

Scenario - Chilled Evening ! I am supposed to get ready to go out for a music concert at Kadri park with my mother. As i open the almirah door to get my clothes, my laptop which was kept on a pile of clothes falls down - Best Compliments: Gravity - on my Right Leg! Dead on the spot between my third and fourth finger.

For a moment nothing registered. Only the sharp pain which made me believe my leg is the only part of my body where there is some form of life. Right after the initial shock, came the realization the Laptop might have got damaged. and I might have broken a bone or two. In spite of the pain and myself, i check the Laptop. Its okay. Glorious Relief !! I already start feeling better.Few minutes later though, things got worse due to the swelling. The weird thing is the Pain reduced. :-|.

So eventually i get ready, go out for the concert, enjoy, even take a walk and return Home.

Thankfully, its just a strain and there is slight bruising so my running routine has been affected. Other than that things seem rosy from where i'm sitting.Thinking back, i'm unsure whether to be thankful or not about my leg being in the spot where the Laptop fell. Since it was there, the Laptop survived the fall. Else, the screen would surely have cracked. I guess this is what they call Mixed feelings.

The scariest part however was that my Mind went into overdrive for the first few hours because of the Movie i was watching before the event occurred. 

I was watching a movie called 'Whiteout' which is based in Antarctica under beyond blizzard conditions where people cannot see 6 inches in front of their eyes. Under a situation, the lead role's fingers have to be amputated due to exposure to extreme cold. My mind kept going back to that point. Disturbed Blood flow also results in death of a part of a body. So, i kept prodding my fingers on right leg to make sure i could feel it. Seems dumb now, but seemed like the only way to comfort my panicky mind. :-)

Lesson Leant, BTW. Never keep Laptop on a mess of clothes. And i am glad that its not a major injury else my 10k running plans would have been upset by long shot since I'm managing just about 4 kilometers a day of practice. A long way to go.

PS - Never exercise when even slightly injured. It l lead to worse things.


  1. Nice one brother.. Keep the laptop in the bag then you can keep it on a pile of some other stuff and let it fall on your leg and not bother about having am amputation. :D

    1. Hello Pranav Bhai:-) i cannot imagine how dumb i was to not have thought of such a simple idea. The old statement holds true in your case - 'Brilliant minds often think simple' ;-)

      Thank you Brother for dropping by and commenting your appreciation. :-)


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